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British Banks to start integrating Touch ID into apps

UK banks Natwest and RBS have introduced the Touch ID feature to their smartphone apps. Users must initially activate the feature with their security information, but afterwards will be able to gain access purely with their fingerprint. After three failed login attempts, customers will have to re-enter their passcode.

Concern has been expressed that Touch ID is not secure enough, and should not be used as the sole security layer. Hackers have been able to fool the feature by creating a fake finger from a photograph of a fingerprint left on a surface. However, despite criticisms of the system as a security measure – including that you effectively leave copies of your password lying around wherever you touch – there have yet to be any reports of crimes being enabled by this issue.

Banking apps have been downloaded more than 12.4 million times in Britain, according to the British Banking Association. The incidence of users making transactions through smartphones is rising, so it’s clear why RBS and Natwest are keen to make their services even more convenient for customers.