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Apple working on fix for broken iPhone alarms

Wake up late at all this week? Don’t worry, it’s not your fault.

With widespread reports this week of iPhone alarms going off silently, or not at all, it’s probably safe to blame your late arrival at work on technology. Just this once.

Plenty of users, including those posting TikTok videos about the problem, seem to be suffering with the same alarming woes.

Personally, I’ve had a couple of instances of missed alarms and even some non-firing timers this week. I initially chalked it up to a combination of human incompetence and the fact I’m running an experimental developer beta of iOS 17.5 – but it seems like my issues line up to those experienced by the wider public.

If you’ve had similar problems, it’s worth double-checking your alarm and volume settings until Apple releases a software update to address the issue. Ensure the ringer sounds under Settings > Sound & Haptics aren’t too low. It won’t fix the bug, but it will ensure you’ve not inadvertently activated a silent alarm.

Although it’s unknown exactly what’s causing the issue, or how many devices are affected, Apple has admitted the problem exists and says it’s working on getting a fix out ASAP.

Apple tends to be swift with bug fixes once these things reach the news, so expect a minor iOS update to land in the new few days. By the time you read this, it could even be live – be sure to check Settings > General > Software Update to see whether the patch is ready to install. Even if you have Automatic Updates on, it’s usually quicker to initiate updates manually.