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Broken MacBooks: Apple offering free fixes for faulty keyboards

If you’re one of the many iPhone and iPad users who also uses an Apple computer, you should be pleased to learn that the company is now offering free repairs for keyboard-related issues on its recent MacBook range.

Back in 2015, Apple redesigned its laptop keyboard using a new “butterfly” mechanism, in order to minimize the space required underneath each key and ultimately make a thinner, lighter computer. However, this design has come under a lot of criticism since then, with a huge number of users reporting that various keys have stopped working.

Apple has now effectively admitted the new butterfly keys are a flawed design, as it’s now offering free fixes for any faulty MacBooks with this style of keyboard. It’s also offering refunds to anybody who already paid to have this problem fixed.

If you have a recent MacBook and have experienced any kind of issue with the keyboard, you can check if your exact model qualifies for the free repair here. If it does, take the device to an official Apple Store or contact Apple Support to make an appointment.