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Certified Refurbished – big discounts on ‘like new’ iPhone XS

Apple has sold refurbished goods for a long time, but typically the products available are relatively old models. From time to time you can find something relatively new in the refurbished store, however – like the iPhone XS and XS Max range Apple has just made available to buy at considerable discounts.

The prices vary based on the exact configuration, but you’re looking at a discount of between $200 and $350 across the iPhone XS range. At the lower end of the scale, that means you can get a 64GB iPhone XS for $699 instead of its original price of $899, while the top-end 512GB iPhone XS Max is $1,099 – down from a whopping $1,449.

Of course, the standard iPhone 11 – released late last year – starts from $699, and for most people will be a better choice than a refurbished iPhone XS. But for those who need more storage or fancy the larger Max models, these discounts could be very handy.

The XS range is less than 18 months and still considered the next best thing to the iPhone 11. Buying a refurbished handset from Apple is leagues safer than going the full second-hand route. Everything sold via its official store is fully tested and fitted with a brand new battery and outer shell. It all comes in a fresh box with all the usual accessories and you’ll even get a year’s free warranty as standard.

We recommend you keep an eye on Apple’s certified refurbished store and always double-check what’s in stock there before making a big purchase. Items refurbished by Apple’s team are as good as new and it could save you some big money – especially if you’re buying a MacBook!