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Christmas Shopping: Apple extends returns policy for the holidays

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46 weeks of the year, Apple has a relatively strict 14-day returns policy. But as the holidays approach and it encourages customers to start shopping for Christmas gifts, that policy gets a pretty lengthy extension.

Any products bought from the Apple Store between November 14 and December 25 can be returned, no questions asked, any time up until January 8. That’s a full two weeks on from Christmas Day, allowing customers to take more risks when picking presents – safe in the knowledge any unwanted or unsuitable gifts can be returned after the event. Only gift cards and iTunes vouchers are exempt from the extended returns policy.

It’s no coincidence that Apple has chosen this moment to launch its holiday gift guide, showcasing all manner of Apple kit you might want to consider picking up for your nearest and dearest. You can check out the list here; it does a decent job of highlighting bestsellers like AirPods and iPads alongside more personal products like watch straps and iPhone cases.

Of course, with Black Friday soon approaching and our own holiday gift guide on its way in the coming weeks, there’s no rush to go out and spend all your money at the Apple Store. But rest assured that if you do, you’re free to take everything back for a full refund if something better comes along. Just make sure you keep that receipt and don’t drop any purchases!