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Civilization VI: 60% off as strategy game comes to iPhone

Build. Conquer. Inspire.

The epic strategy game Civilization VI has come to iPhone, and those familiar with the series will appreciate what a gargantuan achievement that is. The series has been a mainstay of PC gaming for decades, tasking players with building up a successful civilization that can stand the test of time over hundreds of years.

Whether through warfare, science, or cultural advances, players will spend dozens of turns designing and maintaining their growing populaces in an attempt to create the best civilization they can. It’s a gripping historical strategy that puts you in charge of famous historical figures from Cleopatra to Queen Victoria to Ghandi, and has appealed over the years to gamers and non-gamers alike.

This is one of the most in-depth and detailed experiences in gaming, and somehow the entire thing has been crammed into the relatively small frame of the iPhone. Frankly, this is amazing and would have been unfathomable just a few years ago. The number of uncompromised PC ports arriving on the App Store of late really showcases the power of modern iPhones, and is great news for the future of iOS gaming. (See also: The Witness.)

If you like the sound of world-building, epic battles, and tactical diplomacy, Civ VI is the best in the business and most certainly worth a try.

You can download and get started with the app for free, with the full game unlocked by in-app purchase once you reach the 60-turn limit of the free version. Usually, it sells for the same price as the PC version – a whopping $60/£60 – but to celebrate the release of the iPhone version the developers have knocked 60% off for a limited time (bringing the price down to $24/£24) so act fast if you’re interested. It’s a universal app and will also work on the iPad with just a single purchase.

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