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Compare Apple’s three new iPhones in leaked photo of production molds

It’s been nearly a week since we last saw any substantial new leaks about the iPhone 8. We were beginning to think the rumor mill had dried up completely! However, a leaked photo from the iPhone production line alleges to show molds of all three new models of iPhone expected to be announced this September. Let’s take a look.

The iPhone 8 looks a lot smaller than the 7s

This photo, if legitimate, proves a few things. Perhaps most importantly, the fact that Apple will indeed release three separate iPhones this year. An iPhone 7s and 7s Plus to follow on from last year’s 7 and 7 Plus, and an all-new iPhone 8.

Secondly, they give us confirmation of the relative sizes of the phones: that the new iPhone 8 will be just a touch larger than the 7s, despite rocking a display even bigger than the 7s Plus. This is thanks to a new, bezel-less design that stretches the screen right to the edges of the device.

Lastly, we can also see that the 7s and 7 Plus will stick with the same camera layouts as last year’s models, while the iPhone 8 will have the new vertical twin-lens setup. This is rumored to enable augmented reality features which could be coming as part of iOS 11.

As for its authenticity, the photo was leaked on the Chinese social platform Weibo and supposedly comes straight from the production line. Though there’s┬áno way to verify this 100%, the molds look realistic and it would be a great deal of effort to mock up detailed fake molds for a hoax. We’d be surprised if this was off the mark come September.