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Cyber Friday: your last chance to snag a bargain

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The week-long shopping extravaganza is finally coming to a close

Black Friday came and went, as did Cyber Monday, but the deals kept flowing for plenty of online retailers. Most of those sales are ending at midnight tonight.

It’s easy to be cynical about these brazen marketing ploys, but for a lot of products, it really is the best time of the year to buy.

This is your warning that today is the final day to take advantage of these sales. If you’ve been putting off shopping for the holidays, now might be the time to take a deep breath and get started.

If you hate shopping, we’re sorry for all these recent posts! This will be our final Black Friday / Cyber Monday article until next year, although we are cooking up a couple more gift guides to point you in the right direction this Christmas.

For now, just know that Amazon is the best place to grab a last-minute bargain, and it’s still price-matching other deals from around the web. See the latest deals here.

As ever, though, heed our advice and double-check before buying anything on a whim just because it seems like a steal. The price-tracker will show you how the current sale price compares to historical lows for each product, helping you decide if the deals really are as good (and rare) as they seem.

Oh, and the iPhone Photography School is still offering a pretty good price on their comprehensive photography lessons, which would make a great gift for someone creative. Check it out here.