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Discovery Station – Music launches new personalized playlist

Apple has added a new algorithmic station to Apple Music to help users discover new music. It arrived quietly this week with no announcement from Apple, but looks to be an interesting new feature.

Much like Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist – and Apple’s own For You Mix – “Discovery Station” uses your music library and listening habits to suggest songs you might like. You’ll get a combination of bands you know and bands you don’t, but every track will be new to you.

Where Discover Weekly and For You Mix refresh weekly, Apple’s latest solution instead gives you an endless, ever-evolving stream of music to dip into whenever you like. It’s more akin to a bespoke radio station than a playlist.

Apple told Engadget that Discovery Station will only play songs you’ve never played before, and will never play the same thing twice. So if you like the sound of a track, better save it to your library!

Discovery Station can be found in the Stations For You section, under Listen Now in the Music app. You’ll need to be a paid Apple Music subscriber to use it.