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Dropbox Updates iOS App: iPhone 6 Optimizations, Touch ID and More

iPhone Dropbox users rejoice! The Cloud storage service has received an iOS update.

Dropbox for iOS has been updated with a set of brand new security and iPhone 6 optimizations. In its version 3.5 release, the app now makes use of the resolution provided by the larger 4.7 and 5.5 inch screens, rather than running the app in the iPhone 5 resolution scaled to fit. The new resolution means users will be able to see more documents in the list at a time. Aside from that, it mostly just makes the app nicer to look at.

Additionally, you can now lock access to the app through the use of Touch ID, helping to prevent any unauthorized access to your files. If the login attempt using Touch ID fails, then it falls back on the old 4-digit pin system – you know, just in case your fingerprints change.

Dropbox adding security features couldn’t come at a better time in the eyes of concerned customers. Recently, Dropbox account information was obtained en-masse in a hack of a 3rd-party website. The problem was soon fixed, but it’s great for the company to reassure users of their service by providing them with the tools to keep their data secure, even if it’s just local on the device.

Other changes of note in this release are fixes to an issue with previewing Rich Text Format (.rtf) files, as well as adding general performance improvements to the app itself. The update is also available to those using at least iOS 7.0, but to get the Touch ID security you will require iOS 8.

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