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Early iPhone 7 rumors emerge: waterproof, non-metal design?

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Well, that didn’t take long. Just days after the launch of the iPhone 6s, the internet has clearly tired of Apple’s latest and greatest smartphone and is looking to this time next year, when (presumably) the iPhone 7 will launch.

According to AppleInsider, rumors originating in China claim that Apple is “well into the prototyping phase” of the iPhone 7. Early reports suggest the design team is aiming for a water-proof and dust-proof design, and a move away from the metal body used in the last few iPhone iterations. It’s unknown what the new material will be.

Although these early rumors should be taken with a large pinch of salt, it’s perfectly likely that Apple is looking into ways to employ some of the technology from the Apple Watch in a new iPhone design. The smartwatch, debuted earlier this year, has a sealed design that is impressively water-resistant.

Meanwhile the current-generation iPhone 6s can apparently survive an hour underwater despite not having an official waterproofing rating. We wouldn’t recommend you test that out for yourself, though.

Although this year’s iPhone didn’t change much in terms of design – aside from using a more robust aluminum casing – the full-numbered updates usually sport a completely new aesthetic. Looks like we might be looking forward to a reconsidered, rugged and less breakable iPhone 7 in 2016.