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Your face is your password: Apple touts Face ID with amusing advert

Apple has just released a humorous new advert extolling one of the big virtues of the iPhone X: Face ID.

In the minute-long commercial, a man struggles to remember his online banking password in front of a live audience as part of a memory-themed gameshow. Until he remembers that he can simply log in with his face using the secure facial recognition capabilities of the iPhone X.

It’s a funny ad, and all too familiar to anyone who regularly forgets their passwords. You can check it out in full below.

The timing of this move is no coincidence; after much skepticism about Face ID when it launched last year, the reception to the technology has been extremely positive from those who have used it. However, there are still a great many people with no first-hand experience of facial recognition who may still be unsure how useful it really is.

With Apple set to release three new iPhones in just a couple of months, and all three extremely likely to feature Face ID, this advert is a pre-emptive way to get potential customers on board with the idea of logging into password-protected apps with nothing but your face.