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Facebook 360 Photos – app can now capture immersive images

Facebook has updated its app with a cool new feature – users can now capture and share immersive 360-degree photos without any specialist apps or hardware.

This is good news for anyone who uses the social network and likes to experiment with new ways to record their surroundings. These images are essentially panoramas that go the whole way around, capturing a full circle around the photographer. They’re taken by holding the camera steady and slowly rotating 360 degrees.

The resulting snaps can be shared like normal photos on Facebook, where users will have to swipe them with a finger to see the full shot, or actually pan their device around to move the image. Those with VR headsets can even enter the panorama and look around as if they’re really there!

In fairness, Facebook has supported these kinds of images for a while, but you’d need a special app to capture them. Now that you can take 360 Photos from within the Facebook app itself, we should see them become a lot more popular over the coming months. It’s definitely a fun and novel way to share your surroundings.

To capture one of these images, simply press the new 360 Photo button that should be right at the top of your news feed in the Facebook app. If you’re not seeing it yet, firstly ensure you have the latest version of the app installed. If you still don’t see the 360 Photo button, be patient – the new feature is slowly rolling out around the world and it may take a while before the option appears on your device.