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First hands-on video of iPhone 8 design

Well-known leaker Benjamin Geskin has tweeted a short video clip of an iPhone 8 dummy unit, giving us our first real glimpse of the design and dimensions of Apple’s upcoming flagship device. Check out the video below to see this non-functioning display unit twirled nonchalantly in-hand.

The unit here shows the expected 5.8-inch edge-to-edge display, though of course as it’s not a functioning device we can’t see the screen in action. Despite the removal of the bezels from the front of the device, and the addition of a vertical dual camera on the back, in person it looks surprisingly similar to the current-generation iPhones. So much for a dramatic redesign for the iPhone’s ten-year anniversary, eh?

Notably, the device seen here looks a little chunkier than the iPhone 7, though we’ve seen no other suggestions the iPhone 8 will be thicker than its predecessor. Perhaps it’s a quirk of this display unit, which – as ever – can’t be entirely relied on for complete accuracy. It does help us piece together a good idea of what Apple’s next device will look like in-hand though, and confirms the suggestion that Apple isn’t going wild with reinvention this year.