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First wave of Apple TV apps and games announced

The new Apple TV is now available to purchase, and is set to ship by Halloween. The new device will feature a full App Store, but until official release we won’t know exactly which apps are on their way. That hasn’t stopped some developers from announcing their upcoming tvOS titles though! Thanks to 9to5Mac, we have a rundown of some popular apps you should be able to grab from day one.

Upcoming apps

Though media organizer Plex is slowly developing its own app, in the meantime one developer has built their own client for streaming videos. Simplex will play your whole Plex library on the Apple TV with a slick interface. Could be the best way to watch media you already own on the big screen.



Streaks Workout is a simple exercise tracking app for the Apple TV, based on the popular ‘Getting Things Done’ app Streaks. The developers say it’s “the personal trainer that you actually want to use.” We’ll see about that – looks promising though!

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Apple has also announced a series of high-profile apps that should be available from launch. The Apple website mentions apps from Airbnb and USA Now, plus several sports apps are on their way from, Watch ESPN, NHL Gamecenter and NBC Sports Live.

We’ll also be seeing a host of apps to let you use your new Apple TV to, you know, watch TV shows. If you’re into that sort of thing. Networks like HBO, Showtime, ABC, CNN, Fox, PBS, NBS and the Disney Channel are on board, plus streaming services from favorites Netflix and Hulu. Amazon Instant Video is ominously missing, though, as is BBC iPlayer for the Brits amongst you.

Upcoming games

Doodle-based party game SketchParty TV is essentially digital Pictionary, and has been available for a while to play on your TV using an iOS device and AirPlay mirroring. But now it’s set for a proper release on the Apple TV, and promises hours of fun for all the family.


Mr Jump

The super-tricky but super-addictive platformer Mr Jump had us pulling our hair out in frustration when it launched for iOS in the Summer – and we loved it. It was an App Store smash hit, and the developers have confirmed that all 24 tough-as-nails levels are coming to an Apple TV near you.

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Apple has also revealed that we’ll be seeing premium titles like Transistor and Manticore Rising on the Apple TV, plus the new Guitar Hero Live. There’s kid-friendly titles on the way like Rayman Adventures and Skylanders SuperChargers, plus App Store favorites Shadowmatic and Geometry Wars 3 will get a look-in too.

It’s a decent selection of games for launch, considering the Apple TV isn’t first and foremost a gaming device. Once the App Store is officially unveiled later this week, we should start to see more and more titles trickling in as developers get to grips with the new platform.

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