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Flappy Bird creator to launch Swing Copters 2 this week

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Flappy Bird helped inspire the wave of ultra-difficult single-tap iOS games that’s still going strong today. And though it’s no longer available on the App Store, the developer is about to unveil his new game; Later this week, Flappy Bird’s spiritual sequel Swing Copters is getting it’s own actual sequel, Swing Copters 2.

According to TouchArcade, we’re due an early Christmas present from creator Dong Nguyen. Swing Copters 2 is said to be a reworking of the original, with updated graphics and the addition of unlockable characters. Following in the freemium footsteps of Crossy Road, the game will be free-to-play but with optional in-app purchases for unlocking characters quicker.

From the looks of things the game will retain the brutal difficulty of its predecessors, and quite likely the same “just one more go” high-score addictiveness that makes this kind of ultra-simple game stand out. The new characters aren’t just for show, either – each will offer slightly different handling, which could help players tailor the controls to their liking.

Sounds like Nguyen may have finally run out of the ad money he made from Flappy Bird. The game is set for release sometime on 17th December.


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