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Four new Apple Watch S2 ads land just in time for the holidays

Apple has released a series of short TV ads which it no doubt hopes will put its flagship wearable in the minds of gift-buyers everywhere this holiday season. Amidst contrasting reports of the popularity of smartwatches in general, these Apple Watch Series 2 ads focus on the festivities, with the tagline: “This Christmas, give the Gift of Go.”

The fast-paced ads are shot from a first-person view to give a truer sense of what its like to wear and use the watch. Two of the commercials focus on fitness tracking, while a third shows off the device’s music-playing capabilities and a fourth sees its wearer using multiple features while preparing for a date.

It’s no coincidence that two of these feature shots of the Apple Watch 2 being used in heavy rain – one of the most impressive features of the second-generation watch is that it’s completely waterproof, and these ads are a good way to show that. Check out our coverage of the announcement of Apple Watch S2 back in September if you need a reminder of the other new features and improvements.

You can see our favorite of the four ads, “Go Out,” below, or tap here to see the rest of the 15-second ads in full.