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Financial Times Edit – read FT on the cheap with new app

The Financial Times is one of the biggest and most influential newspapers in the world for anyone interested in business or economics – and its journalism these days reaches into other areas too, including technology and culture.

But articles are locked behind a paywall, and access isn’t exactly cheap. With digital-only subscriptions starting at £35/$40 monthly and rising to £55/$69 monthly for all-access membership, many people find themselves locked out of the publication even if the headlines look interesting.

So the paper has just revealed a new app, aimed at widening the reach of the FT beyond well-to-do business heads. FT Edit plucks eight long-form articles from the paper each day and showcases them in a minimal reader view with no distractions.

Its editors say this content will be “thoughtful,” “important,” and will go “beyond the world of finance.” For those who value high-quality long reads on a variety of topics, it could be a good alternative to the endless void of a social media newsfeed.

Most importantly, limiting access in this way makes it waaaay more affordable. Users can access those 8 daily articles (and past selections) for an initial $1/£1 monthly, rising to $5/£5 monthly after six months.

Certainly worth a try if you’ve always been interested in what the FT has to offer – but if you’re on the fence, make sure to set a reminder for six months’ time so you can decide whether it’s worth the full price.

FT Edit