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Future of the iPhone: Apple’s plans for the next ten years

The iPhone (and to a lesser extent, the iPad) is a ubiquitous piece of technology – it’s conquered the globe, and its influence can be felt even in competing smartphones and devices. Apple has come a long long way in just a few short years since debuting the iPhone, but could it be possible that this is just the start of something bigger?

A nice think-piece was just published by MacWorld’s Michael Simon, highlighting just how impactful the iPhone has been since its big reveal almost ten years ago. Simon goes on to note that the next ten years could be even bigger for Apple, with the release of the HomePod later this year the perfect platform to give Siri a wider reach just as it’s becoming more useful than ever.

The piece goes on to examine how three initiatives in particular could shape the future of the company, and by extension, the world. Augmented Reality, which will be coming to iPhones in a big way later this year with iOS 11, looks set to infiltrate our lives over the next few years. Project Titan, Apple’s not-so-secret car project, could help driverless cars become an everyday reality. And HomeKit will keep expanding until your house is filled with more smart gadgets than you can shake a stick at.

If any of that piques your interest, we’d recommend giving the piece a full read. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for our own thoughts on the iPhone’s upcoming anniversary in due course.