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GarageBand 2.2 update adds new features to Apple’s iOS music maker

Apple has just released GarageBand’s first major update for around a year, adding some cool new features including a powerful touch synth and pro-level voice effects. Now could be a good time to dust off the old creative instincts and give the app a whirl!

GarageBand is Apple’s flagship entry-level music making software, including a range of virtual instruments, recording and mixing tools. Everything the amateur musician needs to write and record songs, really. With version 2.2, It’s now inherited the Alchemy Synth feature from pro-level desktop editing suite Logic X. Alchemy Touch is an instrument with over 150 synth patches, optimized for touchscreen use on iOS. (This particular function is only available to those with an iPhone 6 or later, though, as it requires some hefty processing power to run!)

This bumper update also added “studio-class effects” for voice or instrument recordings, along with new mixing effects. That’s not all though – a range of other features with fancy names have been added including Multi-Take Recording, Chord Strips, and support for third-party Audio Unit Extensions. GarageBand has always been an impressively versatile music suite for iOS, and these additions just cement its place as one of the most polished music apps available. To the app’s credit, it’s pretty easy to use considering the complexity at work under the hood!

If you’re at all interested in the music creation possibilities of the iPhone (or iPad) it’s worth checking out the updated app. GarageBand is completely free for anyone who bought an iPhone after September 2014, but watch out as it’s quite a large download. Those of you whose devices are older than that will need to shell out $4.99/£4.99 to give it a try.

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