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Getting Crafty – best apps to inspire craft projects

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If you’re someone who’s looking to switch off the screen and get a little crafty, then hunting down a bunch of apps might sound a bit counterintuitive.

But if you know where to look on the App Store, there are some invaluable tools out there to take your craft projects to the next level. Whether you’re used to making stuff or a total craft newbie, there’s an app for that.

Foldify [$3.99/£3.99]

Foldify has been winning praise from Apple and critics for more than a decade now, and it’s easy to see why. This iPad-only app offers the ability to design your own cut-out 3D figures, whether by drawing your own or using the app’s included stamps. It also grants access to countless pre-existing templates. Either create or find the figure you want, print it off, then fold it up and glue it together to produce cute figures out of paper or card.

Craftsy [$10/£10 a month]

Perhaps the most appropriately named app on this list, Craftsy offers expert step-by-step instruction videos on all things crafty, from Embroidery to Woodworking. Besides these helpful guides, you’ll also receive downloadable patterns and recipes (did we mention that baking and cooking is also included?). Craftsy features a clean UI, a simple monthly subscription model, and a bunch of free lesson content if you’d like a taste of what’s on offer before you commit.

Brickit [$6.99/£3.33] a month

Brickit’s premise is a deeply enticing one, both to kids and big kids alike. Spread out your random old LEGO brick and take a photo of them. The app will then suggest fresh building ideas based on the materials at hand, complete with step-by-step instructions. The app will even be able to highlight the brick you need in your pile by tapping on the related component on the plan. There’s plenty of scope for creative diversions, too.

wikiHow [Free]

Talk about eclectic, wikiHow offers thousands of how-to guides covering a ridiculous range of projects, from crafty projects to practical skills to handy life hacks. At the time of writing some of the featured guides included How to Give a Small Dog a Bath to How to Grow a Chia Pet and How to Make Peppermint Oil. If you’ve ever wondered how to do something crafty, no matter how obscure, there’s a chance it’s covered on wikiHow – and for free at that.