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Google Maps to add mid-journey spoken traffic alerts

Google Maps for iOS has just been updated with a new feature that adds support for spoken traffic alerts.

This means that you can be notified of changes to traffic incidents and congestion as you drive. Google Maps will deliver this information out loud so you can keep your eyes on the road, and will suggest alternative routes to avoid long waits.

Google’s update also added pre-journey “traffic descriptions” to give you a summary of what to expect from your commute, and an easy way to add new or missing information about businesses to help improve Maps.

Since Apple Maps launched a few years ago, it has been playing catch-up with the more popular Google Maps service. This time, though, Apple was first to the punch. Google’s new spoken traffic alerts have been a feature of Apple Maps since iOS 9 launched earlier this year.

Looks like the iOS navigation war between Apple Maps and Google Maps will rage on a little longer yet. In the meantime, you can download Google Maps for free on the App Store if you want to check out the new features.