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Google plays Big Brother in latest privacy changes for iOS apps

If you’re a heavy user of the Google’s iOS apps, you may want to pay attention to the recent update to all of their apps, including Maps and Gmail.

As Google explained in an official blog post, the updates meant they fully support Background App Refresh. However, in addition to that, they now support sign-in across Google iOS apps as well.

This means that if you’ve signed in to any of Google’s apps then you’re automatically signed-in to their other apps.

For example, you may use the Gmail app but previously refused to sign in when using the Google Maps app. Now though, you have no choice as Maps will copy over your credentials and start to track the places you search for. For Google this means they can build up a better idea of who you are and what you search for across all their apps and target adverts better towards you.

Of course, many users of Google’s apps have responded negatively to the move which forces them to give up their information, or not use the apps altogether.