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More hands-on footage of the iPhone 8 via leaked dummy unit

We caught a brief glimpse of something similar last month, but a new hands-on video shared with 9to5Mac plus some comparison photos of a purported iPhone 8 dummy unit give us the best look yet at this year’s most anticipated smartphone. Check it out.

The video shows everything we’ve come to expect so far: vertical camera, edge-to-edge display, and no rear-mounted Touch ID in sight.

It gives about as good a look at the iPhone 8 as we could hope for at this stage, going as far as to photograph it alongside an iPhone 7 Plus for comparison. Though these shots give a pretty decent impression of what to expect, you’d think that someone in possession of something like this would put just a little more effort into taking a decent photo of it.

On a side note, it’s somewhat amusing that these leaks keep happening even in the same week that Apple made a confidentiality briefing about how successful its been at stopping leaks. The irony is that even the briefing itself was supposed to be confidential, and yet here we are discussing it.

Still, when you’re the biggest company in the world, it must be hard to keepĀ everything under your hat. Let’s hope Apple manages to keep a few things secret until the big launch in September, just for the sake of an exciting product reveal.