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What happens to an iPhone when it gets recycled?

A week on from Earth Day, Apple has dropped a surprise video showing how a disassembled iPhone is reused.

It involves our favorite member of Apple staff, LIAM – the robot used to strip old devices down to their core parts. If you’re not familiar with LIAM (Liberate iPhone Auto-disassembly Machine,) it’s an amazing piece of tech unveiled last year that salvages materials from iPhones. Check out the old video below if you want a quick introduction to LIAM in action.

The new clip, a short animation, is titled “does my iPhone believe in reincarnation?” It features explanations from Apple’s environmental staff about the recycling process, and the company’s aims to reuse all the materials of the phone when making new ones, thereby closing the supply chain somewhat on its way to complete sustainability. It really shows why you should consider taking your old devices into the Apple Store for recycling if it doesn’t have much resale value – that way, it won’t end up in landfill.

This one-off video follows on from four others released last weekend to celebrate Earth Day. The clips cover important topics in a quick, lighthearted way and are worth checking out if you’re at all interested in the environment or Apple’s production process. These videos cover big challenges like solar farming, waste reduction, and breathable buildings – as well as Apple’s policy of making its own artificial sweat to test its wearables. You can watch the lot here.