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Happy birthday iPhone! How does the original design hold up today?

The iPhone turns 10 today, and Macworld’s Jason Snell has taken a trip down memory lane to reevaluate the original iPhone, a device he reviewed at launch in 2007.

It’s an interesting read, and more than anything else highlights just how little the core design of the iPhone has changed since its inception. Though the first model looks a little dated now – and notably lacked the App Store which helped propel Apple to its current heights – it set the template for the last decade with remarkable foresight.

“This wasn’t a device that arrived and made us wonder what it meant. It was crystal clear what it meant. The future—of a connected world where billions of people carry Internet-connected supercomputers in their pockets everywhere they go—was laid out in front of us for everyone to see. The iPhone lived up to its potential, and its future continues to be bright.”

Meanwhile, Ben Lovejoy of 9to5Mac is also celebrating the iPhone’s anniversary. He’s whipped together a whole host of video clips including Steve Jobs’ famous introduction of the iPhone, early reviews of the smartphone, and a Microsoft executive laughing at its design. We’re also reminded of the iconic “Hello” advert that promoted the very first iPhone, which you can check out below.

Here’s to the next ten years, eh?