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Has Apple shelved plans to release its own branded TV?

Apple may be working on a new streaming TV service and an update to its Apple TV set-top box, but it reportedly pulled the plug on any plans to release its own branded television set.

After “nearly a decade” of research, the design team at Apple eventually conceded that it didn’t have any ideas “compelling” enough to justify entering such a competitive market. A Wall Street Journal report claims that according to insiders, any plans to release a branded TV set were shelved over a year ago.

Apple reportedly looked into using super high-def 4K screens as standard, with built-in cameras and sensors for big-screen FaceTime calls. They even experimented with a completely transparent glass screen that used lasers to display an image, but were worried about the high power usage and relatively low image quality.

Ultimately the company decided not to move into a new market unless it thought there was room to revolutionize the marketplace or provide something that other companies couldn’t.

Some of the other plans for the TV, including Siri voice control and a new remote with a touch pad, could still see the light of day as part of the next generation Apple TV (not an actual TV set, remember), strongly rumored to get a big refresh at next month’s WWDC.