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Hilton unveils plans to use iPhone as room key

Starting from next year you’ll no longer have to endure a queue at a Hilton check-in desk. The world-famous hotel-chain has announced plans to install a new system that will allow customers to use their iPhone as a room key.

A spokesperson told WSJ that they will be introducing the locks in 2015 and expect them to be available globally in 2016. Hilton Hotels is one of the biggest hotel chains in the world with more than 3,900 hotels with 650,000 rooms worldwide.

The Hilton app currently lets you check-in but you still have to pick up your room key. However, the new system will send a key code to your portable device that can then be used to gain access to the room.

HomeKit is set to be a big component of iOS 8 and we expect plenty more hotel groups to take part in a new wave of connected accessories.