The mobile gaming experts at TouchArcade have compiled a huge list of all the festive price drops they could find, and the list features dozens of good quality games at discount prices.

If you’ve finally got some time to sit down and relax with a good game over the holidays, now’s your chance to grab some fresh titles without breaking the bank! The App Store shuts down for a week over Christmas, so these special prices are locked in for the foreseeable future. Press here for the full list of sales.

There are some real gems on the list, plenty of which we’ve reviewed fondly here at TapSmart. If you’re spoilt for choice and struggling to decide, we’d recommend grabbing Lara Croft GO, The Room Two, Goat Simulator, and Prune for a combined price of less than $5/£5. That way you’ve got a full suite of classics from various genres to dip into over the festive break.