How’s your Home screen? We’d guess you’ve made a few adjustments to yours: a custom wallpaper, perhaps, and a few favorite apps added for easy access. Mail probably shows more unread emails than you’d like to admit, and you’ve almost certainly deleted Stocks. There’s not much more you can do to customize your Home screen experience, right?

It turns out there is more to the art of Home screen design. Constraints breed creativity, as proven by an inspiring collection of home screen layouts amassed on Twitter by Slack employee @rands. Some of these look like they took a lot of effort, especially the color-coded designs. Which is your favorite?

Arranging apps in color order is pretty striking!

A minimal layout that shows off the wallpaper

The gap near the bottom works really nicely with this background

This layout uses “invisible icons” to hide the entire top row

If you want to add blank spaces to your Home screen like that last design, you’ll need to follow the instructions on this website to add an invisible app icon, and then pair it with a black (or mostly black) wallpaper.