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In a bid to encourage more people to get involved in the world of computer coding, Apple is hosting free programming lessons for this year’s “Hour of Code” this December. This is the fifth year running Apple has contributed to Code.org‘s educational efforts.

Apple will be holding free code workshops in nearly 500 of its retail stores worldwide, allowing children as young as six to sign up and participate. It’s a nice effort to get kids involved in what has traditionally been seen as an overly technical and potentially boring subject. Programming is still neglected in many schools, with these workshops intending to spark an interest in computers from a young age.

Swift Playgrounds

Those with an iPad Pro can also take part from home with a new Hour of Code challenge in the Swift Playgrounds app.

Hour of Code is a part of Computer Science Education Week, which takes place from December 4 – 10. It aims to introduce people to the world of computer science in a friendly and fun way, with sixty-minute lessons and activities. Though children perhaps stand to benefit most from the scheme, Apple is keen to stress that the event is open to all: kid or adult, beginner or developer.

If you’re curious, you can sign up for a session by pressing here.