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iCloud goes mobile – Apple website finally available on iPhone

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Apple has updated to make it compatible with mobile browsers – before now, it was resolutely desktop-only. That means users can now log into the website with their Apple ID on iPhones and even Android smartphones. grants remote access to the things you store or sync to iCloud, like your contacts, reminders, and photos. You can also access all the files kept in iCloud Drive, and use the tracking features of Find Friends and Find iPhone.

The desktop version of

The new mobile version of the site is a bit more limited, offering only a subset of those features right now: Photos, Notes, and Find iPhone. For the rest, you’ll need a computer or an iPad with iPadOS 13 and desktop-class Safari. But importantly, this mobile version also grants access to various Apple ID management settings.

The mobile version of

In particular, we can see this new compatibility being useful for anyone who loses their device and doesn’t have easy access to a computer to use Find iPhone. It gives the option to borrow someone else’s smartphone – any make or model – to check up on their device. Remember that Apple’s Find My apps allow users to remotely lock their lost devices, or display a custom message on the lock screen in the hopes of it being found by a kindly stranger.

This could also be handy for anyone who no longer owns an iPhone but wishes to make changes to their Apple ID.

It would be nice to see even more features of iCloud come to the mobile website soon, but this is a promising start and certainly gives people more options for how to interact with their Apple ID and iCloud data. Check it out now by opening Safari and heading to