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iCloud can now include photos taken from non-Apple devices

Apple has updated its beta site with new functionality: the ability to upload images to iCloud’s photo library directly from your browser. That, and you can download and remove them individually.

When a file is uploaded in this way, it is visible on to all users’ iOS devices. This means users don’t need a separate store for photos on a PC and photos in Photo Stream. Of course, more uploaded photographs means you need more storage space, so it’s a good thing that Apple recently reduced the prices of the various iCloud storage plans.

As demonstrated by their development of Continuity, Apple is clearly trying to provide the tools so that all of devices, regardless of what they are, will ‘just work’ together. This is another step down that same road and allows users that take photos on other devices, including professional cameras, to use the iCloud service instead of having to look elsewhere for cloud storage.

At the moment, uploading to the site can only be performed with JPG files and video files aren’t currently supported. Though other file formats are expected to follow.