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Create eye-catching videos in minutes

Ever wanted to show off your holiday snaps without resorting to flicking aimlessly through the photos app? Or maybe you want something a bit more dynamic to share online? Slideshows are the obvious answer, an age-old way to condense multiple pictures into a single presentation. But how do you make them?

Sure, the auto-generated Memories videos in the Photos app are pretty decent as far as photo slideshows go, and they can be customized a little too. But the interface for doing so is clunky and limited in Photos, and it only really has one editing style to fall back on. If you want something with a little more character, Memories just won’t do.

That’s where Impresso comes in. This app gives you more control and more styles to work with, inserting your choice of text, music, and images into a pre-animated slideshow filled with fancy graphics of your choice.

The dozens of templates included in Impresso are the real selling point: there are Dynamic options for fun social media posts; Professional designs perfect for adverts or data visualization; and more specific themed categories such as Lifestyle and Romance.

Impresso is clearly aimed at social media users, offering the ability to make perfect square slideshows or shorter, taller ones for adding to your daily video story. The interface is neat, and despite a paywall locking some of the templates, most are completely free to use – certainly worth a download if you have intentions of sharing any of your photos online!

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