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Independent Repair Program – Apple expands its repair shops worldwide

Apple has announced that its Independent Repair Program, responsible for allowing third-party stores to perform Apple-certified repairs, is soon to be available in over 200 countries around the world.

For the last two years, it has proved popular in the US, Canada, and Europe – but now customers will be able to get a repair in almost every country Apple’s products are sold in.

The program allows small repair shops access to genuine replacement parts and free training from Apple to ensure they know what they’re doing. These repair shops offer a great alternative for customers who don’t like near an official Apple Store, or who don’t want to pay Apple’s premium out-of-warranty repair prices. (That said, it’s rumored you can sometimes get free repairs just for being nice.)

Here’s a pro tip if you’re looking for a repair and don’t know who to trust. Always double check a third-party provider against Apple’s repair verification database to see if they really are certified. That way you will be sure of a good service and you won’t void your product’s warranty.

Of course, while COVID-19 continues to affect our lives, you can always start a repair request with Apple online and send your product off by post to be fixed. But it’s good to know that regardless of where you are in the world, you have more repair options than ever before.