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Bloomberg Breakdown: what’s inside every iPhone?

Have you ever wondered what the inside of an iPhone looks like? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to take a look anyway. Bloomberg, in partnership with teardown expert iFixit, has put together an incredible website showing off the internals of every main iPhone edition from the last ten years.

Just two of the tiny components inside an iPhone 8

The in-depth report also looks at the estimated production cost of each iPhone model compared with its retail price, examines the features that were new that year and highlights some key quotes from its launch.

It’s crazy to think that the advanced cameras on the iPhone 8 only cost Apple $21.50 per handset to source, and that it makes around $450 profit on each product sold. Of course, that’s not taking into account any other outgoings like research, development, and marketing – but, even so!

Inside an original iPhone from 2007

It’s interesting to see how much more organized the modern devices are compared to the relatively slapdash approach of the original iPhone. Apple’s design team has worked wonders miniaturizing each component and finding the most efficient way to cram a lot of power and features into a small space.

Bloomberg notes that its 1.2 billion lifetime sales arguably make the iPhone the most successful product of all time – and all you have to do to analyze its steady evolution since 2007 is buy a bunch of devices from eBay and crack them all open. Easy.

It’s a fascinating trip down memory lane and well worth a more detailed look – press here to see the full feature on Bloomberg’s website.