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Instasize – a one-stop photo editing suite

Price: Free to download
IAP: $5/£5 monthly for Premium
Version: 6.0.2
Size: 317 MB
Developer: Instasize Inc.


Instasize is a photo editor geared toward content creation for social media accounts. It even has presets for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. But even if you’re not a social butterfly, the app’s range of image editing capabilities are not to be sniffed at.

For starters, the app offers crops, zooms, and skew adjustments to keep your framing on point, plus most of the same manual image adjustments found in Instagram or Photos. It’s a broad range of tools and it’s all pretty solid.

More unique is the Retouch section, offering an easy way to whiten teeth or smooth wrinkles. These vanity effects are a little fiddly to apply and not as impressive as specialist retouching apps, but it’s nice to have them on hand here.

Virtual smooth skin for the chronically vain

The app also offers a very easy way to create grid-like collages of multiple photos, which is something sorely missing from Instagram and its contemporaries. These look great and can all be saved at a high resolution with no watermarks.

You’ve also got slick photo filters for one-tap adjustments and easy-to-use text tools with pretty fonts for captions and titles. And we particularly like the way you can set up an image and then quickly tweak its size for various media platforms without creating the whole thing from scratch each time.

Another big plus in Instasize’s favor is that it works equally well on both photos and videos. All the filters and editing tweaks available can be used on your movie clips just as effectively as your camera snaps, which is something of a rarity amongst editing apps.

Making collages is quick and easy

Though the basic toolset is completely free, you’ll have to be on your toes to avoid the app’s upsell tactics – like prompting you to subscribe every time you export an image. (Rest assured you can ignore the message and still export the image).

That said, for some users, Instasize Premium will be worth the $5/£5 monthly cost. While the app is perfectly functional without it, members unlock a host of extra filters, borders, and backgrounds. There’s over 100 of each and the quality is pretty high across the board.

Some content is locked behind a subscription

Quirks like having to double-tap to switch out a photo, or only being able to select one image at a time when crafting a collage, let the interface down slightly. These issues, plus some slightly vague icons, mean the app is perhaps not as intuitive as it should be – but these are minor quibbles.

Overall, it’s a pretty tidy package with no big weaknesses – but everything it does can be done slightly better by other apps.

These royalty-free images are a great resource

Instasize doesn’t do anything we’ve not seen before, but it does wrap up a bunch of useful tools into a single social media-friendly package. If you run a business that needs an online presence, or want your digital persona to stay consistent across multiple sites, this could be the one-stop shop that helps you do that.