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iOS 10.3.3: update your device now to avoid vulnerability

iOS 10.3.3 is now available, and though it’s not filled with fancy features, it’s worth updating as soon as possible.

A security vulnerability known as “Broadpwn” has been fixed in the iOS latest release from Apple. The vulnerability affects devices that use Broadcom wireless chips, which includes iPhones and iPads but also many Android smartphones.

As explained by MacWorld, Broadpwn is a “Wi-Fi-based exploit that can be carried out by an attacker in proximity to a device—or potentially through a compromised Wi-Fi router—without any interaction from the user at all.” Scary stuff.

Though there haven’t been any reports of iPhone users being hacked “in the wild,” Broadpwn still represents a potential threat and is worth shutting down. The exploit means a hacker in close range could access your device via a local Wi-Fi network, which makes public areas with shared Wi-Fi connections particularly insecure.

So although this isn’t a huge threat, to avoid the risk entirely your best bet is just to update iOS. It doesn’t take long at all – simply open the Settings app, select General and then Software Update. Then press Download and Install to start the process. If you already have iOS 10.3.3, the Software Update section will confirm that you’re up to date.