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Apple has released a minor update to iOS 11 to fix a worrying glitch that’s been doing the rounds

iOS 11.2.6 is here, and although it’s got no exciting new features to tell you about, it does include a pretty important bug fix to help keep your device from inadvertently crashing.


The main function of this update is to combat a recent software bug, nicknamed “Teluga,” which can render apps unusable.

The bug involves an Indian text character – the teluga – which, for some reason, causes apps to crash if they try to display it. As such, all somebody would have to do is text or email you the character to brick your device. Messages and Mail were particularly affected, but other chat apps such as Whatsapp can also be targeted.

When invoked, the bug also stops the targeted app being opened again even after a full restart, and if you don’t handle the crash properly you can even get stuck in a “boot loop” and not be able to access anything. Not good!

Sure, it’s not likely that anybody you know will send you this particular rogue character (and for obvious reasons, we’re not going to post it here!) but internet trolls have been posting the teluga character on Twitter, making it hard to avoid bumping into by accident.

If you don’t update iOS you’ll be susceptible to attacks through spam messages.


That’s not the only change in this update. Apple also says iOS 11.2.6 “fixes an issue where some third-party apps could fail to connect to external accessories.” If you’ve been having problems with accessories, grab the update and you should have a lot more luck connecting.

How to update

To install iOS 11.2.6 for free, simply open the Settings app and tap General followed by Software Update.