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iOS 12 may be on the horizon, with beta testers currently checking out the new features coming this September, but in the meantime, Apple has released what is likely to be the last ever update for iOS 11.

What’s new?

iOS 11.4.1 is here and it’s a pretty minor update – but that doesn’t mean it’s not important. At this point, any new features will be held back until iOS 12, but there’s still plenty of room for bug fixes in the current version of iOS.

With reports of various issues stacking up since iOS 11.4 launched a month ago, this release aims to solve all those problems now so users don’t have to wait a further two months for a solution. Updating should give you a smoother experience even if you haven’t noticed any specific problems.

Alongside bug fixes, this release quietly introduces a security feature that will make it much harder for anyone who finds your device to hack into it and access your data.

Assuming there are no major issues discovered over the summer, this will almost certainly be the last update to iOS 11. Don’t miss out.

Other systems

iPhone and iPad users will be most interested in the iOS update, but Apple has simultaneously dropped bug-fixing updates for its other operating systems. If you have an Apple Watch, Apple TV, or HomePod, those too will have updates waiting. We’d recommend keeping all your devices up to date.

How to update

To install iOS 11.4.1 for free, simply open the Settings app and tap General followed by Software Update.