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iOS 11: 55% adoption rate, have you updated yet?

A month on from its official public release, and iOS 11 is already on more than half of all iOS-based devices. The initial uptake was a little slower than last year, but in the past week it’s caught up and overtaken the number of devices running iOS 10.

In terms of specifics, iOS 11 adoption is now at 54.5% while iOS 10 accounts for 39% of devices. Just 6.5% are running iOS 9 or older – most of those are likely to be older devices that can’t upgrade any further.

If you haven’t updated yet, there are a few good reasons to do so. For one thing, we updated the Tips & Tricks app last month for iOS 11, and while the tips are still relevant for older versions you will get the most benefit from the app by running the latest software. Beyond that, iOS 11 added some pretty cool new features that you’ll be missing out on if you stick with iOS 10, including big improvements to Photos, Siri, Notes, Maps, and more. Finally, keeping up to date with iOS is the best way to stay safe online, as Apple is constantly improving security and patching up and flaws that are discovered between releases.

All in all, unless you have a very specific reason for sticking with an older version, you should be updating. Luckily it’s quick and easy to do – just head to Settings > General > Software Update and follow the instructions.

In case you’re still not convinced, bear in mind that iOS 11.1 will be coming soon with even more reasons to upgrade. Not only will it patch a significant security flaw found in Wi-Fi connections, it’ll add some brand new emojis and may even add peer-to-peer Apple Pay capabilities at long last. So what are you waiting for?