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iOS 12.1.3 released: Apple’s latest bug-squashing update

Apple has just released a minor update to iOS – version 12.1.3 – to provide a few usability improvements for iPhone and iPad users.

There are no new features to speak of this time, but the update includes fixes for several bugs, including a fairly common issue you may have encountered that causes display problems when scrolling through photos in the Details pane of the Messages app.

Also fixed: an issue that sometimes causes visual glitches when sharing photos; an iPad Pro quirk that can mess with microphone inputs; and a connection problem between some CarPlay systems and the X-series of iPhones.

We’re expecting a bigger update to drop in the next month or two, ahead of Apple’s expected reveal of iOS 13 later this year.

So, is it worth updating? We would always recommend grabbing the latest iOS versions as soon as they drop, to ensure you’re protected with the very latest security updates. That said, this is a relatively minor update so if the bugs mentioned above aren’t affecting you then there’s no rush to install the update.

Remember that all iOS updates are free, and can be quickly and easily delivered “over the air” from SettingsGeneralSoftware Update.