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iOS 12.4 update – bug fixes and data migration

Apple released a new version of iOS this week, though with many of you already beta testing iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, this relatively minor update somewhat flew under the radar.

However, iOS 12.4 is significant in that it’s quite likely to be the final full update of iOS before Apple unveils its new iPhones in September. That means if you want to remain up to date over the Summer, it’s worth updating sooner rather than later.

As ever, Apple has continued to slowly improve performance and stability behind the scenes. This is primarily a bug-fixing and security-bolstering update.

But there is one more notable change, as this update adds a new wireless migration assistant to help make the transition to a new device easier than ever. That sets the scene nicely for anyone planning to upgrade this Fall, as they’ll be able to take advantage of the feature to move all their files and settings to a new iPhone with ease.

Remember that all iOS updates are free, and can be quickly and easily delivered over the air (that is, without plugging into a computer) from SettingsGeneralSoftware Update.