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iOS 12 beta testing: 4 million testers, and you could be one

Each year, Apple tests its new software – primarily, iOS and macOS – for several months before its official release. These beta releases help pinpoint obscure bugs and let Apple iron out the problems over the Summer before a September launch.

Historically, these pre-release beta versions have been limited to testing from established developers, but a couple of years ago – after the embarrassment of Apple Maps’ error-filled launch – Apple started opening up beta testing to the public. And it seems the public has a taste for testing, as now more than 4 million people try out this software before its finished.

That’s a huge number, and hopefully, it will mean a much more polished release when iOS 12 officially goes live. There aren’t a great many new features this year, but some key additions like Siri Suggestions, Screen Time, and Memoji look set to make it a must-have update.

We’ve been using the iOS 12 beta since it came out and it’s been remarkably stable. Often, these early releases are full of bugs and issues – but in a year in which Apple focuses primarily on performance, trying out the beta software seems less of a risk than ever.

If you’re curious about iOS 12 and don’t want to wait until late September to get your hands on it, why not join the 4 million strong army of testers and check out our article on how to install the beta right now!