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iOS 13 concept – 40+ features we’d like to see this year

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Speculative video trailer shows off a bucket list of iOS 13 features

After a few more bugs than usual crept into the operating system with iOS 11, Apple’s dev team promised iOS 12 would go easy on new features in favor of improved performance and stability. But now all that boring behind-the-scenes stuff has (mostly) been dealt with, it leaves us dreaming of more exciting changes for the future of the operating system.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to customize the Lock screen?

Unless Apple completely trashes its yearly cycle, we can expect iOS 13 to be unveiled to developers at WWDC in June, followed by a full public release alongside some new iPhones in September. In the meantime, enterprisingly designers and developers can have fun daydreaming about the features we’d like to see come to the platform this year.

A slick new “trailer” for iOS 13 has been mocked up by ConceptsiPhone using designs and renders from @apple_idesigner, and it suggests some very interesting features. Some have been long-requested by iOS users, while others are relatively new ideas. The video is only two minutes long and its a great watch – alternatively, you can peruse the ideas in your own time on AppleiDesigner’s Instagram page.

Most notably, the trailer explores what a full Dark Mode for iOS would look like, and how it could potentially save battery on devices with a Super Retina display.

Some of our favorite features from the trailer include less intrusive overlays for things like Siri, incoming calls, and the volume slider; a way to customize the lock screen like you can on the Apple Watch; and individually lockable apps.

A Siri overlay that doesn’t take up the entire screen

It also mocks up some much-requested features specifically for the iPad, like multi-user support, guest mode, and even – at last! – an iPad-sized version of the Calculator app.