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iOS 15.1.1 update – important fix for iPhones 12 & 13

Apple has just released a minor update to iOS in order to fix an annoying bug that has been wreaking havoc with call performance.

If you have an iPhone 12 or 13 (all variants included) you might have noticed some of your calls dropping for no apparent reason. Not ideal. Thankfully iOS 15.1.1 is here to help, significantly lowering the rate of dropped calls.

Although Apple hasn’t confirmed as much, it’s likely this bug is tied to the hardware used only in the iPhone 12 and 13 – perhaps the Qualcomm modems employed in those devices. Lucky then that a simple software fix is now available.

According to Apple’s release notes, no other changes are present in iOS 15.1.1 – it’s purely to fix this one problem. All other efforts are currently being spent on iOS 15.2, currently in developer beta, and expected to be available to the public soon.

Unusually for an iOS release, only those affected devices will be offered the latest update. If you have an older iPhone – or, indeed, an iPad – rest assured that iOS 15.1 remains the most up-to-date version for the time being.

But if you do have an eligible device, we’d recommend you download this latest update to avoid any unwanted issues. Simply head to SettingsGeneral > Software Update and follow the instructions to download and install iOS 15.1.1.

Note that if you have Automatic Updates enabled, you may find it has already been installed – in which case you’ll see a message stating that your device is up to date.

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