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Apple pulls latest update – Rapid security response breaks iOS 16.5.1

Apple recently released a Rapid Security Response update to fix a security hole in iOS 16.5.1. These RSR updates are very small downloads, usually installing in under a minute, and are intended to target specific vulnerabilities as quickly as possible, without the need for a full software update.

This latest fix tackles a WebKit vulnerability after news broke that bad actors are actively exploiting it in the wild. Apple typically doesn’t give more details to avoid tipping off hackers, but WebKit exploits are serious business and worth patching as soon as possible. Hence the Rapid Security Response.

However, within hours of the update’s release, Apple pulled it again. That’s because the update seems to have caused a different bug in Safari, affecting the web versions of Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, and others. Users who downloaded the RSR update will see an error message when attempting to view affected websites.

Users who already installed the update can downgrade to the previous version to fix the bug – although bear in mind that means the WebKit vulnerability remains an issue. If you want to do this, head to Settings > General > Software Update > iOS Version > Remove Security Update.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for a subsequent update that will fix both problems.