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iOS 17.3.1 is here to fix text duplication glitch while typing on iPhone

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iOS 17.4 is set to be Apple’s next big software update, bringing huge changes to anyone living in the EU as well as some brand new emojis. But with that update still several weeks away, Apple has released a much smaller software update to fix a very unusual typing glitch that just can’t wait.

Some users have repotedly had issues in iOS 17.3 whereby text is duplicated while typing, sometimes even overlapping things you’ve already written. Needless to say, it’s a very annoying problem to encounter. Thankfully, Apple’s new iOS 17.3.1 update has the fix. We’d recommend updating ASAP if you’ve experienced any strange typing issues lately, or are worried about a problem popping up unannounced.

It looks as though this update tackles a few more bugs, but nothing major. Apple confirmed it doesn’t address anything security-related, so if everything is working swimmingly for you then there’s no rush to install the update. You might be just fine waiting until iOS 17.4, which is expected in late February or early March.

If you do want to grab the update, head to Settings > General > Software Update to check for the latest version of iOS. Note that even with Automatic Updates switched, it’s often faster to manually trigger the update process.