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Even more iOS 8 features

The best iOS 8 features Apple didn’t talk about

At the end of every Keynote, Apple likes to flash up a page showing everything they’ve not had time to talk about, and iOS 8 was no exception. So here are some the best features that Craig Federighi didn’t talk about.

Wi-Fi calling

You’re currently able to place FaceTime audio calls over Wi-Fi but with iOS 8 you’ll be able to make any call when connected to Wi-Fi. Instead of aging to wait for decent signal, if you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network then you can make the call. T-Mobile confirmed shortly after the Keynote that this would be compatible with its network.

Battery usage by app

If you’re someone who thinks your battery is running down quickly then you’ll be able to find the culprit in iOS 8. The new battery usage feature will show which apps have been using your battery most and you can try to cut down on opening them to extend your usage time.

DuckDuckGo support

You may not have heard of DuckDuckGo but it is a search engine that doesn’t track you across the web, unlike Google. This can keep your search history private and it’s good to see the option to use it supported in iOS 8.

In Case of Emergency card

This is something we imagined in our iOS 8 preview, so we are right some of the time. This will be linked into the Health app and provide contact details, blood information, donor status, and more.

Medical ID in iOS 8 could help emergency crews

Medical ID in iOS 8 could help emergency crews

Rich text editing in Notes

If you like to add bold, italics, or underline to text then this feature should delight as you’ll be able to with iOS 8. In iOS 7 rich text editing was only available in Mail, so it’s good to see it make its way across to the default Notes app.

Instant burst mode

It’s not instantly clear what this refers to but we believe this might be the new Timer option in the Camera app. you can now set a timer of three-seconds or ten-seconds, and once it reaches zero it takes a burst of eleven photos. This should give you enough chance to run round and get in the shot.

The Camera app has some new features in iOS 8

The Camera app has some new features in iOS 8

Separate focus and exposure in Camera

Another new Camera feature now lets you set the focus and exposure separately. When tapping to focus a small sun icon is visible that you can drag up or down to alter the exposure to give you finer control.

Shazam with Siri

Rumored a few weeks before WWDC this turned out to be true. Siri now has the ability to identify songs with the help of Shazam and then give you the option to purchase it from iTunes.

Siri has received a few upgrades with iOS 8

Siri has received a few upgrades with iOS 8

With so many new features being packed into iOS 8 there’s bound to more that show up before its release in the Fall and TapSmart will be the place to find out about them.

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