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iOS 9.3.2 Beta re-enables popular feature, may fix Game Center bug

Apple has released the the second beta version of iOS 9.3.2 for developers to test before its official launch. Though it’s a small update in the grand scheme of things, there are a couple of notable additions.

Firstly, Apple is adding the ability to use Low Power Mode and Night Shift simultaneously. Currently it’s a choice between one or the other, but a pre-release version of iOS 9.3 had this feature and it was popular amongst testers. Apple nixed the setting for the public release, but it looks as though it’s coming right back.

Secondly, amongst a suite of minor bug fixes it looks as though Apple may finally be tackling the Game Center bug which has plagued iOS gamers for months now. Game Center is integrated into many games to deal with high scores and multiplayer, but it’s been suffering from widespread issues for a while now, often causing games to crash or fail to load important features. Here’s hoping iOS 9.3.2 sees the end of the Game Center saga.

If you’re unaware of the new features added a month or so back with the release of iOS 9.3, take a look at our full roundup for the lowdown!